Retainer Care

After completing your treatment, Dr. Ryan Hodges will provide you with a retainer to help keep your teeth in their proper positions. Like any oral appliances, retainers need to be carefully cared for to remain in good condition and provide you with the best results. Below are some tips to help you take care of your retainer.

Take Your Retainer Out Before Eating

Remove your retainer before you eat. This will prevent it from trapping food and plaque. We recommend carrying your retainer case with you so that you can store it during meals. Never wrap your retainer in a napkin – you may accidentally throw it away!

Clean and Store Your Retainer

Brush your retainers daily using a toothbrush and either antibacterial hand soap or mouth wash. Maintaining retainers this way will prevent tartar build-up or films from forming on them.

We recommend you avoid using toothpaste or soaking retainers in anything that contains harsh chemicals such as denture cleaning tablets or alcohol-based products. Do not boil retainers, as this could distort wires and plastic.

Retainers should always be put in a case and placed in a safe place away from pets.

Remove When Brushing

Do not brush your teeth while wearing your retainer. Instead, remove the retainer to brush and floss, and clean the retainer separately before placing it back in your mouth.

For more information about retainers or to make an appointment with our orthodontist in our Newbury Park or Moorpark, California, offices, please call or text Hodges Orthodontics at 805-498-1006.