Panoramic & Cephalometric X-Rays

Along with digital X-rays, panoramic and cephalometric X-rays are diagnostic tools that Dr. Ryan Hodges may use to further evaluate your teeth and jaws and plan your treatment. Both panoramic and cephalometric X-rays are a type of extraoral imaging, meaning that nothing is inserted into your mouth during the imaging process. Panoramic and cephalometric X-ray machines simply rotate around your head to capture images and provide our orthodontist and team with high-definition images.

Panoramic and cephalometric images are very similar. However, there are some slight differences between these two imaging technologies. A panoramic X-ray will focus primarily on the jaw, capturing images of the full upper and lower dental arches including the jawbones and surrounding facial structures. A cephalometric X-ray uses a specially adapted film holder mounted on a mechanical arm to capture images of your entire oral structure, including the nasal and sinus passageways to providing a comprehensive view of your jaw, mouth and head.

These imaging technologies allow us to:

  • Assess the need for orthodontic treatment
  • Evaluate the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Evaluate the jaw joint to diagnose problems or plan treatments
  • Evaluate any dental or facial trauma or other issues which may occur
  • Plan better quality treatments to meet your needs and smile goals

Some benefits of panoramic and cephalometric imaging include:

  • Comprehensive views of your jaws, mouth and side profile
  • Views of the jaw in relation to the cheekbones
  • Easy measurement of the teeth
  • Quick and accurate diagnosis of injuries to the teeth and jawbone
  • Additional information about the cause of bad bites
  • Images which are magnified up to 30% for easier viewing
  • More effective and thorough treatment planning

Radiation Safety

Many people worry about their safety or their children’s safety when receiving X-rays. At Hodges Orthodontics, we only take X-rays after Dr. Hodges has evaluated the patient and determined that there is an immediate need for one. Additionally, digital X-rays are extremely safe for use — in fact, they produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional film radiography. X-ray machines are also inspected regularly to ensure that they are safe and functioning correctly.

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