When you finish your orthodontic treatment and your teeth are properly aligned, you will enter what is known as the “retention phase.” Dr. Hodges will provide you with a retainer to help keep your teeth in their proper positions and prevent them from shifting back to where they were before.

Retainers are a type of custom oral appliance. They are designed to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly and ensure that your teeth remain correctly aligned so that you can maintain your smile, oral health and oral function. There are three main types of retainers which our orthodontist may recommend.

  • Hawley retainers – this type of retainer consists of wires and clasps embedded in a plastic body. The retainer covers the roof of the mouth or lies along the tongue-side of the teeth, with the clasps fitting around certain teeth to anchor the retainer in place. The wire of the retainer arches across the front of the teeth to help them maintain their alignment.
  • Clear retainers – this type of retainer is made of clear plastic and is designed to fit over the teeth. While this type of retainer is very discreet, it may not be as durable as a Hawley retainer or a fixed retainer.
  • Fixed retainer – also known as a bonded or permanent retainer, this type of retainer is attached to the back surfaces of the front teeth to hold the teeth in place. It can only be removed by an orthodontist.

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